Thanks to our brief clips and audios for bespoke or On the Go consumption, we reduce your staff’s stress and physical ailments and boost their productivity and the performance of the whole company, regardless of your employees’ sex, age or physical condition.
  1. Content for everyone
    Easy exercises for people of any age, physical and mobility conditions. No difficulty levels. Exercises are independent of each other.
  2. No time? There is no excuse.
    Brief pills with specific goals. Practice our exercises at home or at work. Content is also available offline.
  3. Back to Basics
    No additional content. We recommend using earphones.
  4. Audiovisual format
    Clips and audios to improve your physical condition, relax your mind, ease tensions, etc. Learn how to deal with stress and improve your overall condition.
  5. Work-life balance
    Specific programs for pregnant women and families with children.
  6. Statistics and reports
    The APP analyses your results as an organisation, measures the return of your investment and the impact on your workers. Check your progress as a user.
  7. Devices
    Compatible with iOS & Android. Available in Spanish and English.
Stress is one of the main causes of absenteeism and its effects on the body are the same for everyone. Our content has been designed to adapt to any person, regardless of their profession, their industry or the relationship they have with themselves that accompanies them throughout the day. In addition to the APP, we offer consulting services to develop specific programs for all organisations, including bespoke on-site activities, strategic advice and the adaptation of workspaces. Would you like to train your managers to support you and oversee your process of change? Contact us for more information on our training sessions for managers.
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Carla Sánchez
She coordinates the content and courses you will find on our platform. She has more than 10 years’ experience as a Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga teacher, and is an expert in yoga for pregnant women. Carla is pure holistic essence, balance in motion, calm and light. She gets our team flowing seamlessly. Would you like her to help your team do so?
You can follow her classes at the international platform and and find out more on her holistic point of view through her blog at the Instyle magazine.
Carla arranges exclusive yoga meetings through the Secret Yoga Club movement, of which she is a co-founder, all over Spain.
Marta Sánchez-Moreno
Marketing and Business Development Manager. Marta makes sure that everything goes like clockwork. She is in charge of the organization, structure and strategy of our team.
She is in direct contact with our subscribers and makes sure that companies make actual progress in integrating wellbeing into their organizations.
Thanks to her career as an entrepreneur and her experience in leading projects, she is prepared to assume her professional duties and develop the human and technological processes behind The Holistic Concept with perseverance. What is her mission? To make her ‘Feel Good” philosophy become everyone’s priority.
A yogi at heart, she is a co-founder of the Secret Yoga Club movement. Secret Yoga Club.
Stress is one the maladies of the 21st-century. Most of us suffer from it and it makes us feel exhausted, suffer from insomnia or headaches, etc.
43% of people suffer its adverse effects. 90% of visits to the doctor are due to diseases caused by stress.
Bearing in mind that we spend more than 30% of our day at work, stress is the second cause of work-related health problems. Therefore, learning how to deal with stress is essential to avoid future pathologies
Our daily rhythm has many consequences related to stress, such as anxiety, chronic fatigue, insomnia, body pain, lack of concentration, efficiency, poor communication, etc. These are just some of the symptoms we suffer throughout the day.
By promoting wellbeing at the workplace, you favour your employees’ perception of your organisation, improve their performance and reduce absenteeism and temporary leaves by reducing staff turnover and the costs this entails.
In addition, it is the perfect complement to improve your company’s compensation scheme and retaining talent in your organisation.
By improving your staff’s emotional management, you foster a positive, proactive and pleasant work environment. It has been proven that the better the work environment, the happier workers are. This also boosts their management capacity and makes them have a more positive and productive attitude.
Our programs include one for families, to turn work-life balance into a reality.
We create experiences that maximise individual potential to improve professional development and generate positive results without compromising efficiency.
Our content merges techniques from diverse disciplines with proven results such as yoga, Pilates and Mindfulness. Therefore, you will experience immediate and direct benefits when practising any of our exercises, no matter the frequency.
Facts that support us:
– In 2012, scientists of the University of Groningen, North Dakota, found out that the capacity to solve problems creatively improved after 10 minutes of meditation.
– In 2013, the journal Health Psychology published that mindfulness can make you feel less stressed and is also linked to a reduction in the stress hormone (cortisol) levels.
Everyone at your organisation can make use of our content and work on their wellbeing regardless of their age or physical condition. Our easy exercises have been designed to adapt to everyone, regardless of your position in your organisation.
Our APP encourages gender and age integration and reduces the age gap between workers with a higher seniority and millennials, as it has been designed to adapt to everyone.
Moreover, thanks to our Bespoke Plan, we create and reinforce the sense of belonging in an organisation that protects the collective wellbeing and allows to share emotional links with colleagues.
Thus, the goals will be the same for every person within the organisation, with no differences.
When we feel good and we are happy, everything goes smoothly in our lives. If you encourage these feelings within your organisation, each worker will be happier at work, collaborate with a better attitude and achieve better results.
It is essential to offer employees remarkable experiences to turn them into ambassadors of your organisation, promoting a change in mindset and approach.
It is estimated that every worker wastes about one and a half hour per day due to distractions, which amounts to 20% of their working day.
65% of workers who practice some kind of relaxation techniques at work claim that they feel more relaxed and calmed.
Companies that have implemented these practices have experienced a significant reduction by 78% of leaves due to anxiety, stress or depression.
The process is very easy. Each company sends a code to its employees so that they can download the APP through the APP Store or Google Play. The employee will only need to enter the code when signing in for the first time. They will have to fill out a very easy form to determine their profile.
Once inside the app, we offer them content which has been specially selected according to their profile, and they will be able to access the other content by using the search engine or the filters. Content can also be saved as a favorite or to the cloud to enjoy it offline.
On our APP you will find short clips and audios, ranging from 4 to 15 minutes in length, focused on your body and/or mind. Depending on your goals or the result you are looking for, you will be able to use our videos and/or audios that will guide you with exercises and practices to help you achieve your purpose and experience an immediate benefit.
We have created 15 programs to improve specific aspects such as insomnia, stress, creativity or communication, combat posture-related pain, eye strain or fatigue. In addition, you will also be able to choose content independently to work on specific aspects of your everyday life, such as low back pain, or calm and clear your mind before a meeting, for example.
For those organisations that are not related to activities that promote wellbeing, we carry out demonstrations where we try a selection of exercises which are also available at the APP. Thus, your employees will be able to experience themselves the immediate benefits of putting our content into practice, and will learn to integrate it into their everyday routine in a natural and organic way.
If part of your employees is not in the same facilities, we can prepare webinars or video conferences to work with teams at other locations or with multiple headquarters/offices at the same time.
Our content has been designed to be put into practice by bearing in mind everyone’s physical condition and possible limitations. Our exercises have been adapted to meet your needs any day, at any time.
For the most physical part of the content, we recommend that you contact your doctor in case you have any specific injury, disease or illness before putting our exercises into practice.
Since our content is for bespoke and on the go consumption, we recommend using it wherever possible and when necessary. The more you practise, the more you will integrate the habit in your lifestyle and the easier it will be for you to use the tool. However, you will always experience immediate benefits and a real positive impact whenever you use our content.
It has been proven that it takes approximately 21 days to form a new habit. From then on, the habit is naturally integrated in your routine and the efforts you make to put this habit into practice is reduced until it disappears. That is why we recommend practising our exercises at least once every day, including weekends.
Our content is adapted to the time of day and your situation. We feature exercises you can do at home or at work, lying on your bed before you go to sleep or in the morning as soon as you wake up. You will also find exercises you can practise on the sofa or the floor, on the desk or while walking down the street, on your own or with your family. Slow down and take some minutes for yourself every day.
All organisations can invest in their employees’ wellbeing. Whether you have a small staff or there is a large number of employees in your company, everyday stress affects us all, and we can all make improvements in our quality of life.
Thanks to our algorithm, we can develop reports on a regular basis that will help diagnose the possible problems your staff may be suffering.
In addition, thanks to our consulting services, we help you find the perfect solution and achieve a higher impact in your organisation’s wellbeing. For more information, contact us at so that we can send you a detailed proposal.
Our subscriptions are personal and non-transferable. The APP is available on iOS & Android and is compatible with smartphones and tablets. Each active user can only download the APP once in a single device by using the activation code given to each organisation. Have a look at our plans and services. Please contact us at for more information.
If you want to use the funds granted for training to your organisation by Fundación Tripartita to finance our tool, please contact us at and we will find the best possible solution.
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